Why do we exist?

1.  Our formal academic system misses on important employability, happiness & life-skills. It is mostly information-oriented (theoretical) rather than skills-oriented (practical). It does not prepare us for life & its challenges.
2.  The traditional classroom design is hierarchical, stressful & monotonous.
3.  We are passionate about education and happiness.

To solve this socio-academic problem, PLS was born. We redesign classrooms into life-relevant spaces to empower you into becoming your best version. With oodles of creative innovation and powerful skills such as Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence & NVC (NonViolent Communication), we prepare you for a joyful, mindful, pro-evolution & deeply meaningful life. Our classrooms are open for all ages.

For us, education is an awesome way to transform the world into a happier place.

The Wellbeing Nest

With a variety of courses taught in the spirit of emotional mindfulness, we create a circle of joy, love and sharing. PLS has nurtured thousands of lives with life-skills & social-emotional competencies for happiness.At PLS we consciously nurture such spaces; to let your wings unfold and let you glide the skies of your dreams.

With the practices of Non Judgmental Communication, Mindfulness & EI. PLS senses your emotional and psychological needs while preparing you for life through our brilliant courses. Emotional safety of every student is taken care of.

And that is why, we are envisioned in the form a Wellbeing Nest. Here, you can remove your masks, loosen up, breathe and be ourselves. No one judges you. Everyone accepts you. Everyone believes in you.

Our students describe PLS as “the place where we were born again.”

Are you aware of your unmet needs?

At PLS, we practice NonViolent Communication (NVC). It is a concept developed by Marshall Rosenberg. “It eliminates the language of shame, blame, criticism and demand, since such an evaluative language leads to violence” (The Center for Non-violent Communication, 2016). It encourages us to focus on what we & others are observing. It offers practical skills for the purpose of creating connections of compassionate giving & receiving, based on a consciousness of interdependence and power with others (rather than over others).

List of needs: https://www.cnvc.org/Training/needs-inventory
List of feelings: https://www.cnvc.org/Training/feelings-inventory

Rent a workshop space at PLS!

If your sessions resonate with our spirit then you can rent the PLS space for your sessions!
More details: 9717129028